Fake Friends - Joshua Belliardo Aka. Nova ft. Just Edward

by Joshua Belliardo Aka. Nova & Just Edward

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We all hate fake friends.. Those "friends" that just want to hang out with you for the potential perks of being near you. Screw them all. This track is about them. If they're not going to be with me at my lowest.. Don't expect to be here when I'm at the top!!!


Friends came into my life then they went bye
I'm Taking a minute to try and clear my mind
The real ones are constantly supportive
Never leaving me wondering if they're gonna be on my side
never been a problem I couldn't resolve
Never been an issue with circumstances
that hit me hard
I've been up in this business for long
enough to know none of these motherfuckas
are sharp enough to ever leave a scar
I'm on top of the world, never concerned
Bout' a motherfucka
Leavin' you hurt, with lyrical burns
you motherfuckas
Never should be messing with the lyrical professor
Leave you facing real infractions I'm teaching your ass a lesson
creating visuals smashing all ya dreams and then I'm laughing
start comparing me with the best and you'll realize I'm past them
Contemplating I'm never hating flows that are never fading
I'm insatiable but I got a fear I will never make it
and it's hard.
Cause I want to go far. and this journey is long
that's why I fear that the friends that I have
right now all get mispronounced like faux (fo)
you never know
what their real intentions are, it could be to get a swipe of the credit card
and it would break my heart, to see my friends all start
to wonder bout how much fetti I would be willing to part
"think you could cover this dog?" is all that I hear anymore
and damn that's really rough.
But I'm cutting out all my fake friends
then I'll see clear again, then they're shit out of luck
I don't need any negativity constantly clouding over me
Cause I've had enough of that
I'm getting rid of all of my fake friends
cutting off loose ends
gettin on the right track


released April 12, 2014
Joshua Belliardo Aka Nova (Myself) & Just Edward.



all rights reserved